boomeraang (boomeraang) wrote in aang_fans,

Don't Let Go - Kataang Spoiler Fic

Tragic Kataang fluff was begging to be written after the sob-worthy episode. I feel like my team won the superbowl.. it was like
"will it be Kataang... He loves her... That's a good thing"
"Will it be Zutara... there was that one last longing look..."

But then finally... Kataang won out... as Aang just couldn't let go.

Thus the title of my piece: Don't Let Go

"It's my fault. It's all my fault Katara." Aang said. Remorse in his voice.
Katara just stared at him with a blank expression. She wanted to comfort him, but the tenseness in the air was just too much for words.

The Guru had taught him to be honest about his feelings, and now it had to all come tumbling out. It was like everything he'd accomplished had become undone.

He was back to square one and too scared to try again. His guilt, his feelings... all overwhelming him.

"The Earth Kingdom fell because I couldn't master the Avatar State..." He confessed, looking down the the furry coat of Appa. "I couldn't master the Avatar State because..."

He took a deep breath but refused to meet her eyes again.

"Because I couldn't stop being in love with you."

If he could look at her, he would have seen her eyes brim with tears to the point of overflow before she engulfed him in a hug that told him to never let her go.

He felt selfish, knowing he'd made the wrong choice. He felt selfish knowing the whole world was in jeapordy if he couldn't let her go... but here in her arms he felt like it was all alright.

As the heard the sounds of the bear above them in the moonlight, letting out a painful moan for the city of Ba Sing Se.
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