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I post with...contribution! D: Seven Kataang drabbles based on seven songs from my Kataang playlist. Yup, I actually made one. Yup, I love listening to it because it makes me feel all nice and fluffy inside. There's some implied pairing, which I did for drabble purposes, yup.

"Your Hand in Mine (Strings)" - Explosions In The Sky

The blood and tears were testimony of the courage the young boy shared. His companions watched in awe as he stepped outside of the Fire Lord's palace. They stood there, amazed by the sight of the 112 year old that had just ended the war. The only person who moved was Katara (she made it her duty to be by his side, forever and always), whom walked up the palace steps slowly. (Time seemed to slow down that moment) he walked down a couple of steps to meet her halfway, until they were standing in front of the other. Tears welled up in her eyes, and so did his. She extended her hand with a smile on her face, and he (eagerly) extended his hand to take hers. Her grip became tighter, and more tears came down his eyes.

"You did it, Aang." she whispered to him (unconsciously holding on to his hand tighter), and she couldn't help but look him in the eyes. Though they were still the same color, and still the same shape, within the irises was something else. It was almost like she was seeing another person -- but in fact, the same boy standing before her was the same air bending goofy kid whom she discovered inside the iceberg. He seemed so different, but Katara mused it was because of all the turmoil he went through. (The hardships crafted and made the boy, no, the person whom was standing here before her)

Aang could tell the same with Katara, too. She seemed like a whole different person, but within that, was the same water bending girl whom he fell in love with the moment he saw first saw her. He smiled, and nodded. "Yeah, I did..."

The two benders didn't need to say anymore. A smile and their hands held together tightly, was all they needed at the moment.

"Cherry Blossom Girl" - Air

He could never admit it, much less admit it to himself how much he had grown to love the water bender. Throughout the years Aang noticed how his feelings began to develop to the point where he couldn't keep track. All his emotions, which were easy and manageable before, seemed to spin out of control whenever she was around. He was older now, and so was she, but even so she still made him feel like a child inside.

He wondered if love was essential to the avatar, or if it was the only element he couldn't master. What about her, though? Were his feelings unrequited or was there something more? He still couldn't figure out if she loved him or not, or if she thought of him as merely a child or something to look after. This confused him, and withered him defenseless. At times, she was his strongest asset, and other times she was his weakest.

"The Kiss" - Aladdin Soundtrack

When Katara suggested they should kiss, Aang wasn't sure if he was hearing the right words. He felt as though he were stuck inside a dream that felt almost too real. When Katara grabbed him by the hand and closed her eyes leaning in, he realized this wasn't a dream. When his lips met hers, he felt like he was ten feet in the air.

"Strange & Beautiful" - Aqualung

He wasn't the best when it came to spouting fancy words. He tried many times to write a poem for her, but each time he tried to think up of the words, they came out in ways he didn't expect. He wanted to ask Sokka for advice, but decided against it. When they were traveling with Zuko and his uncle Iroh, he was almost tempted to ask the old fire bender about wooing a girl through poetry. Luckily for him, Iroh overheard the young avatar and decided to help him with his dilemma.

In a couple of days, Aang had finished his poem. (I've been, watching your world from afar. I've been trying to be where you are, and I've been secretly falling apart…) one night, as he watched her sleep, he decided that tomorrow would be the day he gave her the poem. (To me, you're strange and you're beautiful you'd be, so perfect with me)

He wanted to give her the poem, and even Iroh suggested he'd do so, but for some reason Aang couldn't do it. He blamed a certain fire bender whom grabbed her attention quicker than he ever could…
(But you just can't see, you turn every head but you don't see me…)

"Kiss The Girl" - Little Mermaid soundtrack

He blushed, unable to concentrate on his training. Toph was sure she had gotten to the source of twinkle toe’s distractions. He denied it, but she knew better.

"Oh, don't even try to hide it!" she told him, "I could tell you liked Katara since that one day in Ba Sing Se."

"You mean the day I told her she looked beautiful?" she nodded, and he turned to look straight ahead.

"Don't worry twinkle toes; I'm sure Katara likes you too."

Aang turned to look at her as if she had just said something profound. "Do you really think so?"

She nodded, and he smiled. "All you have to do is tell her." His smile quickly turned into a frown.

"How can I tell her? I have before, but she wasn't really listening..."

"All you have to do is kiss her."

"...Kiss her, just like that?"

She nodded.

He stood there in silence, unable to compute exactly what his earth bending teacher just told him.

"What are you, scared?"

"I-It's not that I'm scared. It's just that..." he gulped, his face beginning to turn a shade of red. "Kissing her out of nowhere? Isn't that, bad?"

"Trust me Aang, if she likes you she won't mind at all."

“You really think so, Toph?”

She nodded again. "Don't worry Twinkle toes, I'll help you figure out how to kiss her and all that stuff."

"You will?!" he grinned, falling out of his stance. "Thanks so much Toph!"

She waved her hand at him, "Yeah yeah now get back in your horse stance."

The next day, Toph did as she promised. As Aang approached Katara, Toph watched from the sidelines.

"Katara, there's something I want to say to you..."

"What is it, Aang?"

Without a second thought, Aang leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. Before she could react, Aang was out of her sight. She stood there, by herself, feeling her lips with her fingertips before smiling. In the background, Toph decided to beat the living heck out of Aang for being such a wussy.

"Don't Leave Home" - Dido

He held on to her as tight as he could, and hoped that she’d never let go.

She smiled, and pressed her lips firmly against his forehead, leaving behind a kiss to assure him so.

He smiled, and entangled his fingers with hers.

"Don't leave me..." he whispered.

"Don't worry, I'll never leave your side." she whispered back.

"Jesus To A Child" - George Michael

When he met her on that faithful day, he knew the eyes that shined upon him were ones of kindness. The blue within them were alive. Her eyes reminded him of the ocean (deep and full of mystery; the waves coming in and crashing those in its path, or the waves that carried those to safety)

He remembered looking upon her eyes whenever he needed her the most.

He could remember how his name sounded coming from her whenever their eyes met.

He remembered the tears that came down from them when she saw him in the aftermath of the battle against the fire lord.

It was always her eyes, which said so much about her, that Aang fell in love with first. Then her nose, her hair, her lips, until he fell completely in love with the personification of the soul named Katara.

They never had happiness together, or the happiness that Aang wished to have with her; her destiny lied elsewhere and Aang had no regrets. When he watched her go on that faithful night, he noticed how the waves within her blue eyes began to cease. When they stopped, he felt her go. Nobody, not even the Fire Lord whom claimed her heart, cried as much as he did that night.

He remembered the smile she gave him, and the way she held his hand (tight and reassuring like always) when she told him she was going to be alright. As a final memento of the love he had for her, he bent down and gave her a kiss. (The kiss he always dreamed of giving her, the one that contained his entire soul and life) she smiled again, and then faded away.

When she faded away, Aang felt himself fade along with her.

I plan on doing more, once my muse decides to come back from vacation. But, there you go. Hope you guys enjoyed them! x-posted @ aangxkatara
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