Nan rhymes with Can! (nanthimus) wrote in aang_fans,
Nan rhymes with Can!

Aang Art!

First post for me! I love Aang; he's definitely my favorite character in Avatar and the lack of him in fandom kind of makes me sad. So! Some friends melisaku, megami_maxwell, yami0204) and I have been planning this little thing called Aang Appreciation Month(s). More info can be found here. The DevArt stats post is friends only, but sufficed to say that just about everyone gets more love then everyone's favorite Avatar. :(

Anyway, anyway, enough of that. I'm an Aang shipper through and through. If Aang's in the ship, chances are I'll give it a chance. This also means that pairings that don't include Aang don't interest me that much (although Sokka/Toph and Jet/Zuko are both grabbing my attention).

No pairing pictures here, though; except for hints of Aang/Katara in one (but she's not even in it!), these two sketches are pretty gen. Hope you like them. :D

( Love ya Aang! )
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